Do you ever hang on to stuff just because?

Because you are not sure what to do with it

Because you are not sure if you will ever want/need it again

Because you don’t know what to do with it


Then there is the other stuff that you do want to get rid of but…

You are not sure if it may be worth something

You are not sure if you really want to part with it

You are not sure if you are simply obliged to keep

I may be a little controversial here but I say “just get rid!!!!!”

Honestly, keeping hold of stuff that you are not sure about has no beneficial purpose for you.  You are keeping it for reasons that are not congruent with the life you want to lead. I am not hard hearted, I know you may own many things for sentimental reasons, but if they are really not your bag…ie not your style…just pass them on.  Donate them to charity shops, sell them on auction sites, heck take them to the dump!

Recently I gutted my bedroom, although it wasn’t in a terrible mess, I wanted to make my vanity unit into my office desk.  Now in reality I only needed to clear that area, but I found that a full bedroom decluttering was in order!  Even though it had no relevance to my office space.  My biggest area of physical decluttering became my wardrobe.  I got rid of stuff that no longer fit, stuff that never fit, stuff that I had bought really hoping one day would fit!  I only kept the clothes that make me feel like the person I am becoming, the person I want to be.

A good tip for clearing out clothes is asking yourself “if I saw this in a shop today, would I buy it?” and of course if the answer is no, then get rid!

In my opinion, and that is just what it is!  The more ‘stuff’ you keep hold of, then the more ‘stuff’ you keep hold of.  Do you get me?  Cluttering up with physical stuff = cluttering up with mental stuff.  They might not seem to have any relevance to each other but you will surprised how much passing on an old cushion, for example, may get rid of a bit of unnecessary pressure you are putting on yourself. Clutter can build up in so many places; home, garden, car or work space but having too much stuff in these areas leads to too much stuff floating around in your brain.  Creative energy is blocked and feelings of being overwhelmed are likely to increase. It is worth remembering that a tidy space=a tidy mind!

Some people find decluttering really difficult, some even find it a little traumatic; this may be due to an emotional attachment to the objects.  This can be a tough time, even causing overwhelming feelings, so do your decluttering in baby steps, just one work surface, just one shelf.  Ask yourself “have I used this in the last 6 months?” if you find that too harsh go for a year,  just be sure to get rid of anything you answer no to.

Work hard to keep that area clean and clutter free for a while before you move on to the next area.  Show yourself some love and especially enjoy having a clutter free area! Give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of your achievement.

Donna Anstead MAR

Donna Anstead MAR

Owner of Raindove Reflexology

Hi, I’m Donna

I am a Reflexologist by trade although I also do Reiki, past life regression, pedicures and co-run psychic development workshops.

I am new to blogging, so any tips or feedback welcome!  I live in the UK with my husband, 2 daughters, 2 dogs and 3 rabbits.