A bit about me, my qualifications, my life and my goals.

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    • Level 3 Diploma in reflexology
    • Certificate in conception reflexology
    • Certificate in maternity reflexology
    • Certificate in aromatherapy
    • Certificate in indian head massage
    • Second degree reiki practioner
    • Diploma in hypnotherapy
    • Diploma in curative hypnotherapy
    • Diploma in NLP
    • Certificate in stress management
    • Relax kids coach
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Hello, I’m Donna!

Welcome and thank you for visiting me here at Raindove.

Happy blessings, Donna Anstead MAR

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My name is Donna, my whole life I have had a yearning to help and encourage people to find solutions with in themselves, to learn and to develope into the best they can be.  

always wanted to be a teacher.  I had planned to go down the normal route of GCSEs, A levels, University etc.  Then, beginning when I was just 15 years old, my world turned upside down.  I suffered a period of prolonged illness and eventually a diagnosis of the debilitating disease M.E.  I spent long periods of time bed bound and with such brain fog that I felt I wasn’t even ‘here’ anymore.  My dreams of teaching disappeared.

Over the coming years I had times where I was almost normal, I trained and qualified as a dental nurse, met my husband and had 2 beautiful daughters, then worked in pre-schools, play groups and after schoolclubs.  I also became a child minder.  As the children grew older and started full time school I had a little more time on my hands.  I leapt upon the chance to undertake a Natural Science Degree with the Open University, with a view to becoming a Secondary school teacher.  It was going to take six years plus, but the end reward was worth it!  During this time I began working for a school (The PACE Center) for children with cerebral palsy and other complex needs.  Here I learned so much about how amazing our brains and bodies are and how plastic and maleable they are! with work, we can learn or re-learn different ways of thinking and doing which will have a huge impact on our lives.  Then the M.E strikes big time and I have to give up everything in favour of my bed, constant pain and brain fog. 

Fast forward almost a year.  I recovered enough from that major relapse to go back to work two days a week at PACE.  I loved it so much there, everyday was an inspiration.  I wasn’t able to pick my degree back up but I constantly crave learning and knowledge so I started looking into self help, hypnotherapy, holistic pratices and so on.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to stay at PACE as, although much improved, I was still quite unwell.  I decided to undertake lots of holistic training with a view to starting my own business, a business that I am passionate about that allowes me to work around M.E.

Since then I have had another major relapse with M.E, but I am a fighter and I won’t be beaten!  Infact I am grateful for this current relapse as it has given me time and clarity to see my true path.  I will still be a teacher, but a teacher of a different kind.  I will teach by sharing my knowledge and experiences, I will teach what I have learned!  Every contact I have with a client, or indeed anyone, is an opportunity to teach and learn, I will always continue learning.  

 Happy blessings ~ Donna

Disclaimer -   

  • No advice given, or posts made should replace seeking advice from qualified professionals such as doctors, lawyers and counsellors. 
  • Reiki or Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.
  • The success of a treatment or healing is dependent on self healing which I aim to facilitate.  As such I cannot guarantee whether or not it will be successful.
  • All information given during readings is for entertainment purposes only.

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