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Oh maaaaan! I have been having a nightmare with my health for the past 5 weeks, largely in the form of flu with severe sinusitis, and a perforated eardrum.  4 courses of increasingly higher strength antibiotics and an ambulance trip to A and E. Good times eh?

NOT to worry though as I eventually…..(no idea why I suffered so long before it dawned on me to give it a proper go) got my head and ear pain down from a very serious 8 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10 and sometimes a big fat 0!  Antibiotics didn’t clear it up, pain killers sometimes brought it down to 5 out of 10 but nothing really gave me much relief.  Until I did some simple self Reflexology and lymphatic drainage massage! (I am a Reflexologist…doh!  visit www.raindove.co.uk for more info xx)

This post covers some simple, yet extremely effective self reflexology and self lymphatic drainage massage to reduce your suffering if you have sinus pain, earache and blocked ears, headache, sore glands, head colds, allergies like hayfever and general congestion in the head, ears and neck areas.


This is some seriously good stuff and works while you are doing it especially the lymphatic drainage massage.

There are written instructions and diagrams below as well as links to a couple of short videos.

Reflexology is carried out primarily using a thumb or finger walking technique.  This is done by pressing down and releasing pressure while moving the thumb or finger forward.  It almost looks like your thumb is moving like a caterpillar.  You can use cream, lotion or oil if you feel like it. I like to use a Reflexology balm.  Start on your right foot, working on the bottom or plantar aspect.


Neck – The bottom of the big toe, where it joins to the foot is the neck reflex. Using thumb walking; move from the outer edge of the toe all the way around to in between the big toe and second toe, then walk back again. Repeat 3 times.

Head – The head reflex is actually on all the toes, however we will concentrate on the reflexes on the big toe as you will cover them on the other toes while working the sinus reflexes.  Using thumb or finger walking; start at the base of the outer edge of the big toe, where you began working the neck reflex, now working upwards walk in a line up the toe, right up to the very top to a central point.  Go back to the base of the toe and move your thumb over a small amount then repeat the previous process until you have walked up the toe in 5 lines.  You should now be in between the big and second toe.  Take your thumb or index finger and place it on the centre point you just worked to on top of your toe, then press and rotate in a circular motion for around 10 rotations.

Sinuses – Using the same technique you used to work the head reflex; work each of the rest of your toes. Instead of 5 lines just do 3; one line up one side of the toe, one line up the centre of the toe and one line up the other side of the toe, followed by the rotations on top. Repeat 3 times on each toe.


Eustachian tubes – Using the thumb walking technique; begin at the outer edge of the little toe and walk along the line at the base of the toes until you reach the area between the big and second toe.  Go back to the beginning and repeat 3-5 times. I tend to work this area a little firmer pressure as it is a meatier area of the foot.


Lymphatic drainage reflexology –  Working on the top of the foot or dorsal aspect, use your thumbs or whichever fingers are comfortable for you; Have a look at the diagram, at the point of the big star you will feel a small indentation, place the tip if your finger there and pump 5-10 times (this starts to get the lymphatic fluid moving).  Next start at either side of the base of the nail on the big toe and walk down to the toe joint or knuckle.  When you reach the bottom perform small rotations at either side of the base of the toe.  Repeat this 3 times on each toe.  Return to the big star and pump again 5-10 times.

Repeat on left foot.

Here is a useful video to give you an idea of technique.

Credits to Jubilee College.

The facial lymphatic drainage massage.  I have popped a diagram in to show you where the lymph nodes are that you are going to be working.  I have just added links rather than writing my own instructions as Heather Wibbles at massagebyheather.com explains it so well!


This first video shows you the standard routine which works well in itself.

The second video demonstrates more specific techniques.

In all honestly I cannot recommend this holistic approach enough!!! I am not saying ignore your Doctor, that would be silly, I am just going by my experience and conventional medicine really wasn’t helping.  This was instant! And whenever the pain and blocked feeling returned I did the facial lymphatic drainage again and was blessed with INSTANT RELIEF. I performed in mornings and evenings for around 4 days and then as and when I needed to.

I sincerely hope these tips bring you as much relief as they have me! I will certainly be using them again in future.


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